It’s time to take a different approach and move away from faddy quick fixes, to realise there is no finish line and incorporate changes into your daily lives to achieve your potential and start living the lifestyle you aspire to in 2018 and beyond.

We have been busy researching, developing tools, testing workouts, learning new techniques, attending workshops and following people at the top of their games and have compiled all our learnings into a series of ProHuman Workshops.


Our goal is to introduce you to our ProHuman philosophies and what tools and techniques you can use, with our guidance and support, to make changes that last, to take ownership of your own programme, to understand the results and the reasons why and to become the best version of you.


Carry on reading to find out about the first workshop in the ProHuman Workshop series - 'ProHuman Living'

Coming later in 2018 - 'ProHuman Movement' and 'ProHuman Adventure weekend'.

ProHuman living

what will I learn?

  • How to set realistic goals

  • The importance of understanding your 'why'

  • Impact of your habits on your goals

  • Importance of the language you use

  • Skills, tools, methods & practical implementation

  • Breathing techniques

  • Mobility & movement practises

  • How to develop your own daily practise 

how will it help me?

  • Greater understanding of ways to improve overall wellbeing

  • Understanding of what might be holding you back

  • Accessible and practical tools that can be used on a daily basis

  • Taking ownership of your goals & progress

  • Ongoing guidance and support from ProHuman and the ProHuman community through our online network

what will it entail?

  • Introduction to key ProHuman principals & philosophies

  • Group discussions

  • Practical sessions using ProHuman tools 

  • Baseline assessments & guidance on how to make improvements






All you need is a can do attitude and the desire to learn new tools and techniques.

We will be publishing the dates of our next workshop soon.

Are you ready to make changes?

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