If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you

What is Challenge?

The word challenge has many different meanings. To some people it is what drives them, seeking out and taking on the next challenge, for others the word challenge sums up something negative that will be difficult to overcome and that just makes life more difficult. Most people, if they are honest, find the prospect of stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking on something they know will challenge them a very daunting prospect, but a challenge could be just what we need.

We live in a world full of convenience foods and abundance, where it’s too easy to do nothing and with the push of a button we can have whatever we want, whenever we want.

As humans we are supposed to move around and be challenged both mentally and physically by our surroundings, to keep our minds and bodies healthy, alert and engaged. We are designed to do this but unless we put ourselves in situations to specifically draw on this our energies go elsewhere.

Chemical responses that are now triggered by everyday, non life threatening, occurrences, were originally to allow us to respond to situations of fight or flight. Preparing our bodies to survive in life threatening situations. As life has changed survival instincts have become less important.

Nowadays we get far too worked up by the small stuff; muddy footprints in the hall way and keeping up with the Jones’s. Our stress levels are being elevated not by a sabretooth tiger chasing us down but by scenarios that we can control and choose to ignore or approach differently.

The majority of us are in a fortunate position to not have to worry from one day to another where the next meal will come from or where we will find shelter for ourselves or our family. While we would not wish to be in such a situation, it is often said that those who have faced true hardship can push themselves further and dig deeper to succeed at their goal.

Our focus at ProHuman is providing opportunities, guidance and support to people to be the best version of themselves. We see taking on challenges as a positive way of doing this; opportunities to better oneself, to see what we are capable of by tapping into that reserve that everyday life doesn’t necessarily require of us. Challenges should change us and help us grow. By seeking out additional challenges the small every day stuff just becomes something to get done so you can focus on your goals. In order to do that it’s important to allow your mind and body to reset, relax and differentiate between things that should demand your mental and physical capacity and those to be taken in your stride.

Our advice to you is to make sure you have the following 8 points taken care of;

1. Do regular exercise

2. Sleep well

3. Recover

4. Rest

5. Eat well

6. Drink plenty of water

7. Meditate

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Now take on a challenge just outside your limitations, direct your attentions to your goal and focus on being the best version of you.

To find out more about ProHuman please follow us on social media, visit our website, read some of our blogs and stay tuned for our up and coming virtual challenges.

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