The journey begins.....

Earlier this year ProHuman ambassador Scott and his fiancé Ella started an adventure together. After a bit of encouragement we convinced Scott to write us a series of blogs keeping us up to date on what he's up to along the way. Check out his first post below; where it all began.

"Blogs are becoming more and more popular these days and when I was asked to write one I thought it may be a little daft, but considering the circumstances, and all the new things we have been trying recently, why not give this a go too!

As you can guess from the title we are about to begin an adventure. Now before I tell you what that is, although you may have a good idea already, I'm going to tell you this adventure wasn't planned years in advance. It was just an idea that, within a couple of months, became a reality.

Let's travel the world!

Not only was this an amazing idea, to see new things and collect some wonderful experiences, but it also meant moving out, leaving my job, and becoming completely free.

So lets think about this, there are two big decisions here.

Firstly, the trip itself; How long do we go for? Can we afford to do it all? What if something goes wrong?

And secondly; How will it all go down at home? What do we do when we move out? Will we find something when we get back? How much underwear do I take??

All the smaller decisions were easy once we had figured out, and became comfortable with, the first two. For us, the whole process was relatively quick and prioritising became second nature.

Within a few weeks it was booked. Within a month we had left our jobs and a few weeks later we had moved out and we were getting on our first flight to New York. Our plan was to spend 6 weeks making our way across the USA to L.A. We now have one goal... to fit in as many adventures as possible into 9 months. And it IS possible, we are doing it, and it's awesome!

Oh and btw never worry about underwear - you can always wear them inside out.

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Stay tuned for the next instalment from Scott, coming soon!

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