The only real finish line is death!

I write this not to scare anyone or to be morbid, quite the opposite. This blog is more about helping people to realise that they are more than the goals they have said they are aiming for. To coin a phrase “when you win you win, when you lose you learn.” I have competed in a number of different types of sporting events from obstacle course racing such as the Spartan World Championships to boxing matches. As a personal trainer I have coached people facing an array of different challenges, with many different goals, skills and abilities.

What I’ve learned over the years of competing, training and coaching people is that we think we will cross the finish line and suddenly reach a state of Nirvana, only to be confronted a few days later with a come down and a sense of dissatisfaction and a lack of purpose with no goal to work towards.

These feelings can be understood by realising that it’s human nature to always want more. The latest finish line should not be seen as the end but a check point on the journey to becoming a more optimised total human being, a “ProHuman”.

“Perfection is something to aspire to never to achieve” this is one of the mottos I try to live by. I am by no means perfect, as a result I am always trying to better myself. Whether it’s a race, game or a relationship, the aim is always to be on top form; win or lose I try to see how much I’ve grown or learnt. There will always be someone else who is either faster, stronger, better looking or richer so aim to be happy with where you are now as you strive and work to get to where you want to be.

Make your goals into check points and mile stones in life instead of dead ends and you will notice how much more positive you’ll feel about it the next time you cross the line. Focus on the process and not the finish, take the rough with the smooth and stay on the programme or write a new one to satisfy your next goal, taking into account what you have learnt when you reached your last one. After all the only real finish line is death!

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